Karl Ward

For A Better Business Climate

As a business owner and as a father, I have become frustrated with what we have done to ourselves as a state by voting in 40 years of single-party control. We now have a state where our population has become the oldest in the nation, deaths outnumber births and we are losing population statewide.

Our tax burden is among the highest, our roads are graded among the worst, our energy costs are so high that businesses can’t stay open and be competitive. The National Federation of Independent Business rates us unfavorably and Forbes Magazine rates us DEAD LAST for business!

We are inundated with policies that regulate and restrict business, tax us to death, impose roadblocks for investment, flip-flop on business policies, create unsustainable State pension funds, out-of-control MaineCare, EBT and welfare systems where there are more people on welfare than pay taxes!

As a result, business cannot start here, expand here and outside business won’t come here. So, our best and brightest young people leave here, looking for greener pastures and taking with them our best hopes for the Future of Maine. Businesses that are here are moving and expanding elsewhere. Without a brighter economic environment that supports, rather than strangles our business, we cannot possibly hope to promote job creation that will keep our kids here. It all starts with our business climate.

To Build A Better Maine

I want to educate Maine people and connect the dots for them. I want us to engage in a statewide, consistent strategy that builds the confidence in entrepreneurs that will cause them to risk investing in Maine.

I want to reform tax policy, re-prioritize state spending, improve our infrastructure, reduce welfare spending, build our internet and broadband capacity, invest in research and development, invest in education at all levels, reduce taxes on business and provide low-cost, reliable and unsubsidized forms of energy for business.

We MUST play on our advantages and promote our fisheries, unencumber our forest products industry, dredge our ports for larger ships, increase our natural gas capacity, reduce environmental regulation on development, increase the import of low-cost electricity, and promote to the world what we have here – a beautiful, bountiful state rich in natural resource and with a hard working, trained, versatile and efficient labor force.